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2019 Annual CORI Fall Mini Conference

21st Century Libraries: Transcending & Empowering

Thursday - November 7, 2019 - 5:30 pm

Rhode Island State Library - 2nd Floor, 82 Smith Street, Providence, RI

Keynote Speakers
Kayon Murray-Johnson, PhD
Assistant Professor, University of Rhode Island, Adult Education
Ricardo Lopez, PhD
Lecturer, Northeastern University, Higher Education

Performance by TAPA: Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts, a public charter school in Providence.

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About CORI

THE MISSION of Cornucopia of Rhode Island is to serve the library community of color. OUR OBJECTIVES are to promote library services to people of color within Rhode Island and the development of librarians and library staff of color.

What do we do?

Provide a forum that encourages the exchange of ideas and the discussion of issues, problems and concerns of librarians and library staff of color; Mentor librarians and library staff of color and encouraging librarianship as a profession to people of color; Promote the development and delivery of multi-cultural collections, services and programs; Foster outreach into the community across cultures and languages; Promote professional and educational activities; Engage in charitable and social activities; and Collaborate with other organizations to achieve similar goals.


Dr. Carla Hayden, who is now the current CEO of Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore, Maryland, and who was the fourth black president of the American Library Association (ALA) from 2003-2004, donated her honorarium from speaking at RILA in 2005, to the head of the URI library school, Dr. Michael Havener, and asked that the donation be used to create an organization that would advance, and help develop, librarians and staff of color in Rhode Island. Dr. Michael Havener then contacted Dr. Donna Gilton, Denise Dowdell and Ida McGhee to help create Cornucopia of Rhode Island. Denise Dowdell was instrumental in getting the organization up and running. The four of them, Dowdell, Gilton, Havener and McGhee, met over the summer of 2005 to plan the opening event, with the first official meeting taking place in September of 2005 at the University Club on the URI campus in Kingston, RI. The group’s emphasis has, and always will be, on multi-culturalism. CORI strives to network with a broader community to help make the library profession visible, with an emphasis on addressing the issue of bringing mutli-culturalism to the forefront and encouraging people of color to consider librarianship as a profession, as well as educating the general public that a librarian is more than just someone “who stamps books”. We encourage people of all colors to join the organization to help network and do outreach to bring CORI’s message of diversity to the library community, which not only includes librarians and paraprofessionals, but the general public as well. CORI will continue in its mission to serve the library community of color and to spread the word that libraries are an integral part of education.


2019 Officers

* Julien Cerrito, President

* VACANT, Vice President

* Ida McGhee,   Secretary

* Maria Cotto,  Blog/Facebook Master

* Dhana Whiteing, Photographer

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"Rhode Island Library Association" is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. Rhode Island , P.O. Box 6765 - Providence, RI - 02940

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