Budget & Finance

Membership of the Budget & Finance Committee shall include the Treasurer as Chair; the President, the Vice President/President Elect; and two (2) other members appointed by the President for a one year renewable term.

The Budget & Finance Committee is responsible for recommending policies and actions relating to financial matters to the Executive Board. This committee is also responsible for preparing and presenting a budget proposal for the next year to the Executive Board at the October Board meeting. This committee shall require budget requests from each RILA committee.

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Current members:  Beatrice Pulliam, Joan Eldredge-Mouradjian, Jennifer Foster, Erin Redihan; Dave Bartos, Treasurer/Chair


The Communications Committee is responsible for publicizing and supporting Rhode Island Library Association activities using a variety of communication tools. Responsibilities include publishing the RILA Bulletin, managing social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and exploring other mediums as needed. It publicizes RILA and its activities to both internal and external constituents, by promoting information about libraries, librarians, and RILA. The Committee is charged with increasing the visibility and public awareness of RILA initiatives and library services in our state.

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Current members: Carol Byrne, Deb Estrella, Ben Hanley, Robin Nyzio; Kyera Shea, Chair


The Conference Committee is responsible for planning and implementing all conferences sponsored by the Association. The Annual Conference is to include programs on current library concerns. Any conference is to provide an opportunity for exchange of ideas on a formal and informal basis.

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Current members: Tayla Cardillo, Carol DeRosier, Emily Goodman, Megan Hamlin-Black, Julie Holden, Joan Mouradjian, Tanya Paglia, Beatrice Pulliam; Tina Ash and Pam Schwieger, Co-Chairs

Intellectual Freedom

The Intellectual Freedom committee is responsible for maintaining an awareness of intellectual freedom among library staff and trustees. In addition, awareness of the meaning of intellectual freedom should be fostered among local officials and citizens of Rhode Island. The committee should plan and coordinate one program for the Annual Conference.

To learn more, visit the Intellectual Freedom homepage.

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Current members: Dave Bartos, David Bernardo, Jo Knapp, Danielle Margarida, Kelly Metzger, Tien Tran, Amanda Izenstark;Tayla Cardillo, Chair

Legislative Action

The Legislative Action Committee is responsible for recommending a legislative plan for the Association. The Committee assists and advises the Executive Board and the membership in appropriate action to affect proposed legislation. The Committee reports monthly to the Executive Board during the legislative session. The Committee should form a formal structure of support to enhance any legislative effort for the coming year. The more voices that join us in our discussions -- and the more representative those voices are of different types of libraries -- the better our legislative program will be.

To learn more, visit the Advocacy homepage.

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Current members: Aaron Coutu, Eileen Dyer, Julie Holden, Bill Lancellotta, Joan Mouradjian, Beatrice Pulliam, Cheryl Space; Ed Garcia, Chair


The Membership Committee is responsible for the membership records of the Association and must ensure that the records are maintained in the most accurate form possible. An aggressive membership campaign to maintain renewals and to encourage new memberships is to be conducted.

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Current members: Julie Holden, Chair


The goal of the RILA Career Mentorship Program is to provide encouragement, support and guidance to early and mid-career library staff to promote their professional development and growth. Mentoring is a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in the life of another person and to gain new insights into our rich profession. You can also give and receive guidance and take your career to the next level.

To learn more, visit the Mentorship homepage

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Current members: Kelly Clifton, Mary MacDonald, Co-Chairs: Katie O'Kane and Nicolette Baffoni


Membership of the Nominating Committee shall include: the Immediate Past President as Chair and at least four (4) other members chosen by the Chair, in consultation with the current Executive Board. The Nominating Committee is responsible for submitting to the Executive Board for review a slate of candidates for each officer as delineated in the bylaws, as well as RILA Award nominees. Elections shall be held in accordance with the bylaws.

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Current members: Joan Mouradjian, Chair

"Rhode Island Library Association" is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Rhode Island Library Association, P.O. Box 6765, Providence, RI 02940

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