The RILA Bulletin, the official newsletter of the Rhode Island Library Association, has been published for decades, providing updates in library news and trends to the members of the association.

RILA members can contribute content to the RILA Bulletin by submitting an article or emailing the editors at communications@rilibraries.orgEditors of The RILA Bulletin reserve the right to make edits to or reject any submission as they see fit. See the bottom of this web page for more information.

With the generous time and effort of the staff of the Douglas & Judith Krupp Library at Bryant University, the archives of the printed issues of the RILA Bulletin going back to 1923 have been included with the Digital Common archive, which collects local materials as part of a statewide digital preservation project pooling publications from public, academic, and private libraries.

Recent Back Issues of the RILA Bulletins


  • Volume 95 no. 6 December
  • Volume 95 no. 5 October
  • Volume 95 no. 4 August
  • Volume 95 no. 3 June
  • Volume 95 no. 2 April
  • Volume 95 no. 1 February

  • 2022
  • Volume 94 no. 6 December
  • Volume 94 no. 5 October
  • Volume 94 no. 4 August
  • Volume 94 no. 3 June
  • Volume 94 no. 2 April
  • Volume 94 no. 1 February
  • 2021

  • Volume 93 no. 6 December
  • Volume 93 no. 5 October
  • Volume 93 no. 4 August
  • Volume 93 no. 3 June
  • Volume 93 no. 2 April
  • Volume 93 no. 1 February
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      Mission Statement of The RILA Bulletin

      The RILA Bulletin is the official publication of the Rhode Island Library Association. The RILA Bulletin shall serve as a medium for communication among and continuing education for the members of RILA.

      Editorial Statement of The RILA Bulletin

      The RILA Bulletin shall provide news of Rhode Island Library Association members and news items of statewide and regional interest. News shall be as current as possible within the constraints of The Bulletin's publication schedule. The Bulletin shall provide reports from officers and committees of the Rhode Island Library Association that warrant broad dissemination. It shall also publish reports on trends and practices within the library profession and articles on topics of interest to the Rhode Island library community.

      Editorial Responsibility for the RILA Bulletin

      The Managing Editor is appointed by the President and serves as chair of the Communications Committee. The Communications Committee shall be responsible for selection and editing of material for and publication and distribution of the Bulletin. Controversial material that falls within the Bulletin's editorial guidelines shall not be rejected or deleted solely on the basis of its subject matter. The Managing Editor shall assume ultimate responsibility for the contents of the Bulletin.

      Contributing to the RILA Bulletin
      All RILA members are encouraged to write articles for and contribute content to The RILA Bulletin.  The Communications Committee Chair(s) and members solicit and contribute the bulk of the Bulletin's content, but all members may submit articles for consideration, or request to join the committee. RILA members can contribute content to the RILA Bulletin by submitting an article or emailing the editors at

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