RILA Mission

The Rhode Island Library Association is a professional organization that serves its members through career development, education, advocacy, networking partnerships and legislative action.

RILA Vision

The core vision of RILA is to inspire and promote excellence in library services, through training, innovation, and advocacy. We champion and support libraries to meet the diverse needs of the populations they serve.  Through collaboration and community partnerships, RILA will sustain and advance a legacy of robust library services in Rhode Island.

RILA Principles

RILA believes in:    
•    Advocacy
•    Collaboration
•    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
•    Equal Access for All
•    Intellectual Freedom

Why Join RILA?

Join Forces with other Library Supporters

Add yourself to the united community of people and organizations who believe in the importance Rhode Island libraries. Add your voice and your vote to RILA as we face the current challenges of literacy, funding, privacy and promotion.


The only way we can get to know each other is by talking to each other. We are a close-knit community and we want you to be part of it. Networking events, advocacy groups, professional training and opportunities--you'll hear it here first.

Sharing Your Ideas

You don't work in a vacuum. If only there were an easy way for you to talk to and ask questions of everyone, all at one time. There is. Join RILA and you get a subscription to the RILA LISTSERV Carry out discussions and share ideas, questions, and concerns with other RILA members without leaving the comfort of your building.


Participate in library advocacy at the town, state and national levels. If you have a local issue, bring it into the discussion. If you want to see Rhode Islanders' voices heard in national library issues such as Intellectual Freedom, Library Funding and Privacy, joining RILA is the starting point.

The RILA Bulletin

Members receive and can contribute content to our long-standing publication, The RILA Bulletin. We have all the local and national library news that's fit to print, all pixeled up and delivered straight to your inbox. Legislative news? We've got it. Technology news? We've got it. National happenings? We've got it.

The RILA Annual Conference

Members receive a discounted registration fee for the annual conference. Ever been? If not, you're missing out. Get your shot of professional enthusiasm with speakers, discussions, and workshops on diverse topics. It's educational, motivational and a great networking opportunity. Plus, we give you lunch and snacks included in your conference fee.

Guiding RILA

This is your association. Your voice is important. Use it. Members have voting rights for decisions about current issues and changes to RILA's governance.


Remember what we just said about voting? Same goes for joining a committee. Have some really great ideas? Join one of the RILA Committees, which address a variety of library-related issues and concerns. Don't think you have to be some library big-shot to do this, all members are encouraged to participate.

"Rhode Island Library Association" is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Rhode Island Library Association, P.O. Box 6765, Providence, RI 02940

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