RILA Executive Board

RILA Sections
RI Coalition of Library Advocates (COLA)
Cheryl McCarthy, Chair
Sharon Lux, Vice-Chair

Cornucopia of Rhode Island (CORI)
Julie Cerrito, Librarian, URI Providence Campus - 401-277-5130

RILA Roundtables
Financial Literacy Roundtable (FLRT)
Cassie Patterson (2017-2019), Greenville Public Library - 401-949-3630
Ann Poulos (2017-2019), Providence Public Library - 401-456-8000

Information Literacy Action Roundtable (ILART)
Mary MacDonald (2017-2019), University of Rhode Island - 401-874-4635
Maura Keating (2017-2019),
Bryant University - 401-232-6299

RILA Committees
Communications Committee
(RILA Bulletin Submissions)
Rachael Juskuv (2017-19), Bryant University - 401-232-6291

Conference Committee
(Conference Contact)
Mackenzie Dunn (2017-2019), Bryant University - 401-232-6000 x20177

Intellectual Freedom Committee
Carla Weiss (2017-2019), Retired
Jim Kinnie (2017-2019), University of Rhode Island - 401-874-9240

Legislative Action Committee
Ed Garcia (2017-2019), Cranston Public Library - 401-943-9080

Membership Committee

(Membership Questions)

Aaron Coutu (2017-2019), Cumblerland Public Library - 401-333-2552 x128

RILA Liaisons
New England Library Association (NELA) Liaison
Jessica D'Avanza (2017-2019), Barrington Public Library -
401-247-1920 x312

Office of Library & Information Services (OLIS) Liaison
Karen Mellor (2017-2019), Office of Library & Information Services - 401-574-9304

Student ALA, URI GSLIS Liaison
Karen Mueller (2017-19), President of the URI chapter of SALA - 401-626-5699

School Librarians of Rhode Island (SLRI) Liaison
Open 2017-2019

University of Rhode Island, Graduate School of Library & Information Studies (URI GSLIS) Liaison
Lauren Mandel
(2017-2019) - URI GSLIS 
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