COVID-19 Library Resources

Use this guide to help you locate resources for Librarians and some general RI resources as well.

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Library Specific Resources

Office of Library and Information Services (OLIS)

Resources for RI libraries and the public:

Online learning and enrichment resources:

Ocean State Libraries (OSL)

Library closure information:

American Libraries Association: Pandemic Preparedness

EveryLibrary: “Resources for Libraries on Coronavirus

Library Journal: COVID-19 & Libraries Coverage

National Network of Libraries of Medicine:A Guide to COVID-19 for Public Libraries

Publisher Access during COVID-19

Super Library Marketing:How Libraries are Responding to the Coronavirus Threat and How Your Library Can Prep for Any Crisis

Urban Libraries Council:Coronavirus Resources

On Facebook, in the group Libraries Step Up (in times of crisis), libraries are sharing their responses and resources.

infoDOCKET is maintaining "Library-Related Event Closings, Cancellations and Updated Due to COVID-19 Concerns" (added March 17, 2020)

infoDOCKET: "2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources" (added March 18, 2020)

As we all know, the state has moved to distance learning for preK-12 through April—and likely for the foreseeable future. This is a huge lift for schools and families, with many parents now acting as in-home teachers for their children. Parents are truly stepping up to the challenge, but many could use some extra help. To that end, the state has set up a Distance Learning Helpline that is staffed by Highlander Institute Fuse fellows (teachers who are skilled in tech-enabled learning) to support parents with technology questions, ed-tech questions, and pedagogy questions. They are looking for additional volunteers through our state’s network of libraries to provide support as well.  

 If you are interested in volunteering to answer parent questions and tech-support needs, please sign up via this link []. The form will ask you for your name, contact information, times and days of the week you would be willing to volunteer, and how many hours total you would be willing to donate. As help desk requests come in, staff working the Rhode Island Distance Learning Helpline will reach out schedule you to answer questions. More information on the helpline is available here.

Rhode Island Resources

RI Department of Health

For the most current information on the coronavirus (COVID-19) and Rhode Island's response, please visit:

Meal sites for children:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

COVID-19 resource page:

Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training (RIDLT)

COVID-19 Fact Sheet:

Rhode Island Commerce

Rhode Island Commerce is providing free tech support, guidance, and funding to small businesses during the COVID-19 emergency:  

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)

Protect Yourself Financially from the Coronavirus:

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